Lonely Bones is a short film by Dutch filmmaker/artist Rosto and (proudly) had its world premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Directly after Rotterdam the film had been seen in France during the official competition of the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival. I was the line producer for the live action shoot and had been the 1st AD during the filming. Lonely Bones is a surreal and sinister film featuring music and characters of music project Thee Wreckers. Lonely Bones takes off where No Place Like Home, a short released in 2008, ended. A one-eyed man makes his escape from a hotel room, entering a hellish world where time and space intertwine. Lonely Bones is the second short of a tetralogy of Wreckers-films, and it also concludes the online graphic novel Mind My Gap. The short is part of a creative universe, but the film can easily be enjoyed without any knowledge of other Rosto projects. It’s a trip in its own rights.

Title: Lonely Bones (2012) / Production Companies: Autour De Minuit (FR), Studio Rosto A.D (NL) / Post production and animation: Studio Rosto A.D / Animation and Modelling: Bunk Timmer, Martijn Paasschens, Michael Herm, Rosto / Compositing: Daan Spruijt, Neda Gueorguieva / Assistants: Marcel Ooms, Aris de la Garcia / Director of Photography: Stephan Schmidt / Light: Mark Huisman / Art Department: Miriam Smit / Costumes: Nicole Baars / Music Editor: Thijs de Melker