Our Mikosa Foundation was launched in Amsterdam in 2005. As a magazine, and a platform for creative talent, our aim is simple: To combine a mix of handcrafted, original styles for the sake of promoting a range of contemporary art. This includes graffiti, street art, web design, video installations, rough sketches, dirty drips and lazy scribbles.  It’s about fresh ideas and originality: Versatility, creativity, and artistic vision. As chairman of the foundation, I am responsible for all the production work and the distribution of the magazine to selected shops in the Netherlands and abroad. Furthermore I organized the retrospective shows and the group or single artist shows. In every magazine, 10 are features artists, and each artist is given four A4 sized pages (black & white). From design and layout to cutting and folding of the carton covers, each copy is assembled with our bare hands. In addition to our handmade principle, the foundation employs a range of antique machinery: the carton, for example, is assembled by one of the oldest paper board companies in Europe, utilizing equipment dating back to the 1920’s. Mikosa Foundation has worked till now with more than 90 artists such as David Choe (US), Abner Preis (US), Femtasia (NL), Zedz (NL), Rmnd (NL) Niko Stumpo (NOR), Wayne Horse (GER), Faith71 (NL), Mediumphobic (CAN), Rae Martini (NL), Galo (IT), Ric Stultz (US), Nasty (FRA), Delicious Ink (NL), Ephameron (BE), China Mike (US), Slice (FRA), Kofie (US), Tiquestar (NL), Laser 3.14 (NL), Mari Inukai (JP), MWM (US), Xenz (UK), Ovni (ESP), Martin Krusche (GER), Smash 137 (FR), Will Barras (UK), Andrea Staiano (IT), Andrea Vasmoulakis (GRE), Word To Mother (UK), Erik Kriek (NL), Erik Bonhomme (US), Kokekoko (ESP), Tom14 (BRA), Si Scott (US). Maoma (IT), Si Scott (UK) et. al.