We made a more than 300sqm large mural in the center of Amsterdam. It had been painted by Zedz (NL), Lordh (IT), Morcky (IT), The Boghe (IT), Wayne Horse (GER) and The London Police (UK). I took the initiative to set up the project from the scratch by scouting possible locations in Amsterdam and by getting in touch with the city council to get the permission and  financial support. The concept had been developed together with two of the artists that took part in the project, Morcky and TheBoghe. In this land, concrete-infested urban landscape, what joy it is to have willing wrists and long fingered artists who should choose to invest energy and love for the streets into a wall project of this size. A visual gift to the youngsters and oldsters of the community with colourful designs to please and inspirations for all the family. Long live artistic justice and long live dogs!

Title: Mikosa Mural (2008) / Location: Amsterdam (NL) / Artists: Zedz (NL), Lordh (IT), Morcky (IT), The Boghe (IT), Wayne Horse (GER),  The London Police (UK) / Supporters: Ymere, MTN, Henxs, Carhartt, / Video: Nine878 / Music: Plastic Joy / Pictures: Claudius Gebele