As chairman of the Mikosa Foundation, I am responsible for  the production work and the distribution of the magazine to selected shops . Furthermore I organized the travelling expositions. The event at the Carhartt Store in Amsterdam promoted the release of the actual magazine as well as the showcase of all the artists our foundation has worked from the beginning. We presented the magazines and all gadgets as the buttons, the poster collection, the  postcards, the silkscreen prints and much more. After this event, the show went to Barcelona and to Dortmund. Mikosa was launched in Amsterdam and as a magazine, and a platform for creative talent, the aim is simple: to combine a mix of handcrafted, original styles for the sake of promoting a range of contemporary art: This includes graffiti, street art, web design, video installations, rough sketches, dirty drips, even scribbles.  It’s about fresh ideas and originality: Versatility, creativity, and artistic vision.

Title: Mikosa Retrospective (2009) / Concept: Mikosa Foundation / Production: Claudius Gebele / Location: Carhartt Store Amsterdam (NL) / Artists: Morcky (IT), Zedz (NL), Nasty (FR), The London Police (UK), Tom14 (ESP), Tatiana (IT), Will Barras (UK), Maoma (IT), Joe Whystyle (IT), Andrea Staiano (IT), The Boghe (IT), David Choe (US), Si Scott (UK) et al. / Camera and Edit: Joao B. Costa, The Boghe