The Monster of Nix is an animated short film by Dutch director and graphic novelist Rosto. I have worked as the line producer for the (pan-European) production and as in-house producer for the Dutch studio in Amsterdam. I coordinated all work processes from the beginning of the project till its end (over almost three years). Tother with Rosto, I chose the international production teams for the live shooting, for the post-production work and set up the pipeline between the different countries and its co-production houses. The crew consisted a remarkable quality of character designers, animators, riggers, matte painters, VFX and fluid specialists, compositors and other international artists. We were lucky to work with a great voice cast as Tom Waits, Terry Gilliam, French indie band The Dø and famous San Francisco rockers The Residents. The original sound score was recorded by the Dutch Metropole Orkest and mixed in Minneapolis at the Undertone Music Studios. We had about 100 people working on this film and we put more than 30 man-years in total into it. Finally, the film was the official Dutch submission to the Academy Awards, on the Short list for the French César and won several prices on countless festivals all around the globe,

Title: The Monster of Nix (2011) / Director, Writer, Composer and Executive Producer: Rosto / Producers: Studio Rosto A.D (NL), Autour De Minuit (FR), CinéTé (BE) / Broadcastes: Canal+, AVRO / Fundings: Dutch Filmfonds (NL), Mediafonds (NL), Procirep (FR), CNC (FR), Vlanders Audivisual Fund (BE) / Voice Cast: Terry Gilliam, Tom Waits, Olivia Merilahti, The Residents, Joe Eshuis, Charles Hubbell / Music performed by: Metropole Orkest / Sound Design and Sound Mix: Undertone Music / Specs: 30 minutes, mixed media, English language / Aspect Ratio 1.85:1, 35mm, DCP, HD Cam, Digibeta / World Premiere: Festival d’Annecy / Awards: Dutch submission to the Academy Awards, Shortlist César 2013, Nomination Dutch Best Short Film 2012