Everyone knows the US show Pimp My Ride with Xzibit and the concept did not change for the Netherlands when they brought it there: only this time, it had been Fat Joe and Lil’ Jon as hosts. As the producer for the Italian duo TwoThings, we had been asked by MTV Europe to design and to produce the set for the Dutch TV show. Part of the work had been to cover more than 800m2 of walls with some urban look (urban, yes urban!) and to design the conference table and several smaller props. We decided to paint the biggest part of the walls ourselves and to produce around 250m2 PVC to cover the walls that had been too difficult to get done.

Title: Pimp My Ride (2007) / Client: MTV Europe (UK) / Design: TwoThings / Artists: Morcky, The Boghe, Lordh / Location: Allstoff Garage Alkmaar (NL)