Slackernation is a concept by and with artist and my bro’ Abner Preis [US], based on his personal idea years ago. We converted the world-famous club Paradiso in Amsterdam into a big skate area named Slackernation. We put customized ramps during the day and installed multi-layered backdrops by artists as Will Barras [UK], Morcky [IT], Slacker [NL], Laser 3.14 [NL], Wayne Horse [GER] and Imtek [BRA]. The event went out from the early morning hours till midnight.  A dozen of bands and DJs played on stage while the best Dutch skate pros and BMX champions performed at the same time. The built skate obstacle The Duchamp (inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s art piece Bicycle Wheel) finally had to be conquered by all athletes.

Title: Slackernation Paradiso [2008] // Concept: Abner Preis // Executive Producer: Claudius Gebele // Location: Paradiso Amsterdam // Artists: Will Barras, Morcky, Slacker, Laser 3.14, Wayne Horse, Imtek et al. // Bands: Greenhaven, Chiraw, Moss, Fus, 4DaLadies, DJ Loud, Two Headed Audience, Abaco, Ottoboy, Dikke Dennis et al. // Partners: Red Bull, Vans, Carhartt, Hectik, MetaPlus, Kickramps // Supporters: Skateland Amstermda, Soulcycle, IAFF, Paro, LFTFLD, Henxs, NoNewEnemies, ReKult, fietsrouteplaner // Video and Music: Joao B. Costa, Greenhaven // Pictures: Dennis Van Doorn, Eric Ankersmith, Jeroen Dekker, Tacky, Tagsters, Claudius Gebele